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Model 35P

The Oehler Model 35P includes a built-in printer. It prints with real ink on plain adding machine paper, not thermal paper! It automatically prints each round as you fire; you can't forget or lose any data.

A: Statistical summary of valid shots includes high, low, extreme spread, mean and standard deviation.

B: Asterisk denotes possible error on shots, X indicates previous shot omitted from summary.

C: Proof velocity between first and second screens.

D: Primary velocity between first and last screens.

E: Shot number.

F: You can read the large display digits from any angle and in any light-- without bifocals.

A second chronograph or PROOF CHANNEL™ is built into each Model 35. You measure two velocities every shot. The two velocity readings are automatically compared to assure you of correct readings on each shot.

The Model 35 uses a 4 MHz clock for higher accuracy at short screen spacings.

A plain-paper printer is built into the Model 35P. Each velocity is automatically printed as you shoot, and the summary is printed on command.

Production of the Model 35P has been resumed because shooters demanded a precise and reliable chronograph.

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